Branding and Marketing often are used in place of the other, but the truth is they are both vitally important, but we need to make sure we have a different approach for each of them.

  • Branding is Strategic, Marketing is Tactical
  • Branding helps build customer loyalty, Marketing cultivates customers
  • Branding is achieved thru simplification(less is more), Marketing is 1 on 1 communication
  • Branding reinforces the company in the market, Marketing promotes the brand’s products or services in the market
  • Branding influences purchasing decisions by being top of mind, Marketing can influence a customers’ immediate decisions to purchase.

Ultimately the main difference between the two is that marketing PROMOTES intended value and branding REINFORCES it.  We are going to help your organization create a strategic plan for BOTH!

We will first create or re-create your identity or expression(BRAND) and then push that Brand out to the consumers(MARKETING) thru the right DIGITAL solutions to help influence consumers buying decisions.

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