Ten Things You Need to Know About Classic Hits 106

  1. #1 in the Mornings. For the second straight ratings period, Spring 2019 and Fall 2018, Eastlan Ratings have rated Classic Hits 106 the #1 station in the mornings (6a-10a).  Over 35% more people listen to Classic Hits 106 in the morning than the 2nd ranked morning station (WBZG) [1]
  2. Over 2100 people are listening to the Classic Hits 106 morning show at any given time! [1][2]
  3. Over 10% of the total number of people listening to morning radio in our market are listening to Classic Hits 106. [1][2]
  4. The average listener of Classic Hits 106 in the mornings listen to the morning show for 3 ½ hours in any given week. [1][2]
  5. Classic Hits 106 is also your #1 Workday station. Over 1,500 people are listening to Classic Hits 106 at any given time, Monday thru Friday, 6a-7p [1][2]
  6. Though all the ratings above are for everyone in the market (12+), Classic Hits 106 laser focuses on the 35 to 64 year old demographic. More people listen to Classic Hits 106 in any given week than any other station.  Nearly 20% more! [1][3]
  7. The request hour, noon to 1 pm, on Classic Hits 106 is huge! More people listen to that hour on Classic Hits 106 than any other station. [1][4]
  8. Classic Hits 106 has been playing Classic Hits longer than any other station in the market. For over 15 years.
  9. Classic Hits 106 went all Christmas for the ENTIRE Holiday Season 16 years ago, the first station to do so in the market.
  10. If your business wants to reach the most valuable daypart in radio, the Morning Show, no one can give you more of our market listeners than Classic Hits 106. [1]
[1] 12+,6a-10a,M-F, Spring 2019 survey
[2] 12+, 6a-7p, M-F, Spring 2019 Survey
[3] 35-64,6a-Mid, M-Su, Spring 2019 Survey
[4] 12+, Noon-1p, M-F, Fall2018 & Spring 2019 Survey


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