By: Susan Dennis

STREATOR – A rental property inspection program for landlords was discussed at a Streator Committee of a Whole meeting on Tuesday. City Engineer Jeremy Palm presented the council with revisions and policy questions that came about from meetings with a 20 member committee of landlords to propose an inspection program to handle poorly maintained properties. Six key revisions that will move the ordinance closer to adoption were passed, including a point based system for violations that can dictate registration periods and re-inspections. Landlords will also be required to submit an annual listing of their tenants, holding them accountable for any damage they create. The city also approved to have the authority to withhold a registration certificate if a landlord has unpaid fines. Should a tenant claim a violation to the unit, the city will allow the landlord 14-days to fix the issue before assessing fees. Going forward Palm plans on meeting again with the committee of landlords to review changes made.